Fixer Russia: What We Do 

Fixer Russia is a team of professionals in film/TV production and journalism. We are passionate about working tirelessly as production assistants, local advisors and location scouts for any media, film and commercial production in Russia.

Our services include:

General production logistics for films and TV

Sourcing for crews locally in Russia

Filming permits

Handling of research and location management.

Our services cover all of Russia from large cities to the most remote villages.

We know how hard it is to navigate your ways and coordinate production in Russia as an international company. We are also aware of the challenges of finding a Russia fixer as a foreign journalist.

This is why here at Fixer Russia we do our best to actively help international media find their way around. You can always trust us to provide references from filmmakers and journalists who have an impeccable reputation internationally.

Are you a production company, filmmaker or international journalist looking for a fixer in Russia? Get in touch with us.

Our services include:

Crew hiring

We source experienced local crew members who can speak fluent English

Scheduling and logistics

We help you negotiate the best deals on transportation, accommodation, catering etc

Translation services

Translations, carrying out research and general fixing

Location scouting

We scout for desirable filming locations in Russia

Equipment rental

We have an extensive network of local rental companies in Russia


We help you obtain permits and release forms when needed

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