Russia has so much to offer in terms of splendid filming locations and impressive local talent. Our country also offers a good number of key crew members who speak fluent English and experienced in filming with international companies.

Some international productions have taken place in Russia in the past. They include movies such as The Bourne Supremacy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, among others.

Filming in Russia is comparable in cost with Western Europe. Having Russian fixers like us that can help you navigate negotiate the best deal, may be a way to lower production costs.

You generally will not be needing permits for GVs (b-roll) in major cities like St. Petersburg. However, you will need permits if you will be going into museums, palaces, and other government buildings. The same applies for productions that require shutting down busy streets or public places for filming in Russia. Our Russian fixers can help with getting the required permits from authorities.