Over the past years, Russia has been famous as a desirable filming location. The country has hosted some big and smaller filming projects in several locations spread across the country. Russia offers a lot of breathtaking natural landscape and impressive imperial and modern-day architecture for filming.

Fixer Russia can help you secure local contacts and handle logistics and everything else you will need for filming production here. You can drop us a line anytime.

Scouting for location in Russia

Russia offers a lot of natural filming locations and public places of interest in commercials and films. The country also offers a good number of standard studio facilities. A notable example being the Gorky Film Studios founded in 1915 with state-of-the-art filming production and post-production facilities.

Fixer Russia can assist you with finding locations in Russia. We can also help you negotiate fees and get the needed permits. Given the extreme weather conditions in Russia, our local Russia fixer can guide crews on the times and locations to film.

Fixer Russia & Crew Sourcing

Russia has an impressive pool of media professionals for all stages of productions. Fixer Russia can help you source for them.

Local Talent

We can help you with finding the most affordable local talent in Russia. We have connections with reputable Russia production agencies that provide models, actors, and presenters with experience in international production.

Film equipment in Russia

Russia offers a wide range of standard cameras, lighting and other filming equipment. As your production fixer, we can help you source for the best quality locally. However, if you are planning to bring in your own equipment into Russia, please note it is an ATA carnet country.