Filming in St. Petersburg for a small crew of 5 or less does not require a permit. We can assist you with setting up logistics and sourcing for talent and crews for small productions in St. Petersburg.

Crews with more than five people will have to apply for a special filming permit from the Committee of Culture in St. Petersburg. Getting such permits to take between 15 and 20 working days depending on the complexity of the film in question. Our Russian production fixers can help you with the process of securing a filming permit in St. Petersburg.

Filming in St. Petersburg inside any museum, palace or government buildings will also require a permit. We can help you apply for permits ahead of time. Note that these buildings get crowded especially during the high seasons. This is from May to August.

Also, there are places in St. Petersburg where filming is restricted. They include areas close to factories and ports, privately owned locations and military buildings or objects. You can notify us of your preferred filming locations, and we will look them up for you.