Russia is one of the most diverse and intriguing countries in the world when it comes to producing video content. Filming a documentary here is a true experience for all. Documentary production in Russia is all about finding that one story that nobody else has yet turned into a great video!

Documentary production in Russia, how it works

Documentary production in Russia is the sum of a few things, namely locations, staff and personnel, equipment, and timing. When it comes to locations, the main cities where you are most likely to set up your headquarters are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Regardless of which one you pick, based on what you’re going to film, these cities are ready for you. They’ve got all the locations you might need, as well as everything regarding the legal aspects of your production. Speaking of legal, movie permits are sometimes required in Russia. The work for getting them is quite bureaucratic, so you might want to get a local to do this.

Another important aspect of documentary production in Russia is the staff and personnel. While you might get most of your staff from overseas, you will be able to find talent on a local basis. No matter what you film, you will be able to source local extras or actors, as well as interview people to work with. A translator is important here as well, and also a local guide. These people, although adding an extra cost to your production, will prove to be crucial at all stages of it. In terms of equipment, again, Russia is not the biggest importer of the latest gear. Bring your own, and only count on shops for the medium stuff for a quick fix.

Finally, you can time your shooting days in Russia for the better overall management of production. Take things like distances between locations and the weather into account. While there are flights from Moscow to most Russian cities, the train can also be an option for transporting your crew from place to place.

Russian facts worth filming about

Documentary production in Russia is not new. In a country with such a rich history, many crews have visited to make that one movie that would make their careers explode. Naturally, producing a documentary here is all about finding that one thing that people have yet to find out about within the masses.

One example is the number of billionaires per capita that Moscow has, which is higher than anywhere on earth, including the Middle East! That’s usually something people don’t know about this place. Another crazy fact is that, besides having a ton of superstitions, Russians are taught by teachers to not smile while in school. They ought to keep their poker face for better hiding of their true feelings. And if your spouse goes on to a party before getting married, in Russia the bride goes to the club after the big day. In Russia, the bride marries the groom for sure.