Russia is one of the most “exotic” countries on earth where you can plan on shooting your next video project. Why? Because it is unique in many ways, different in terms of how things work, and beautiful overall. When it comes to filming there, hiring a film fixer in Russia is a great idea.

Where to find the ideal film fixer in Russia

Finding a film fixer in Russia revolves around Moscow. This is where you will find most of the things that you require in terms of video production. If you need assistance, here is where you will find most big video production companies. If you’re looking for lenses, lights, or anything else having to do with the technical part of the production, here is where you can buy them all. And if you’re looking to hire a professional regardless of their place in your production, Moscow it is. St. Petersburg is another option, but that’s more for the people shooting in the Northern part of the country.

Hiring a film fixer in Russia is a straightforward action once you get the hang of how things work. Again, the best option is to go to a video production company first. These people know the individuals who are ready to help you out. They can recommend people based on their experience and how much it matches your own needs. For example, if you’re shooting a movie about Russian love stories, they will be able to match you with the people who’ve been in the same directory as that, or as close as possible to that topic.

Another thing to look for when it comes to fixers in Russia is language. You might think it’s a small issue but in Russia, people don’t generally speak English. Finding a good speaking English fixer for your shooting is crucial for a headache-free production experience.

How to film in Russia

Now that you’ve got your film fixer in Russia sorted it is time to find out more about how the actual filming goes in this country. For starters, Russia is not in the European Union. This means the rules that apply in the EU have nothing to do with Russia. This country is working on its own rules, which means your best bet is having your fixer guide you through them all. Filming permits are important in Russia if you want to avoid hefty fines or even banning your production midway. If you’re caught without a permit, you will be fined.

Another unwritten rule about filming in Russia has to do with heritage and the locals. The bottom line is, respecting the locals and their culture will return in the form of them respecting you and your work in their country. Having the utmost respect for Russians and their country, no matter their struggles will turn you into a positive character in their lives. And will determine them to help you out without even asking for help. This is how Russians are in real life.