Russia is a country of extreme beauty, never-ending wilderness, hot and cold weather, as well as other particularities. If you’re filming here, hiring a production coordinator in Russia is a must. Why? Because in this country, you need a local person running things if you wish for your production to turn out exceptional.

Tips on hiring a production coordinator in Russia

If you’re set on hiring a production coordinator in Russia, you need to cover the where and how aspects of the job. Starting with the whereabouts, the best places to look are filming production companies located in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Start here and look for professionals who’ve worked in production before as coordinators or assistants. Next comes the how, as in, how do you find the ideal candidate. Remembering that Russia is a place where English is scarce, start here with those candidates who can master the language properly.

If your future coordinator can’t speak English and translate for you from Russian, you’re in big trouble. Make sure they know English well enough for good communication on the set and outside of it. Next, see just how extensive the experience of your future coordinator is. A good production coordinator in Russia has already worked in at least 5 other productions before. And out of these productions of theirs, at least 2 are related to yours. Meaning, if you’re shooting a documentary on Moscow’s history, the candidate has already worked on a similar piece before.

Finally, make sure you’re not getting ripped off when you hire your local in Russia. Ideally, you’re looking to pay around the same amount you’d pay for such a service in the rest of Europe. Considering the income is lower in Russia than in most European countries, your coordinator should be happy with pay that’s in the medium range.

A very short guide to Russian filmmaking

Russia stands at the top of Europe, geographically speaking. It is the largest country in the world by surface, spreading across 9 meridians. It’s huge! Now if you do hire a production coordinator in Russia, they will know the outs and abouts of filming there. But just so that you’re prepared, here are a few rules to keep in mind. Starting with filming permits, which you’ll need to be approved by authorities when you shot around important landmarks. Don’t point your cameras at an official, governmental building without consent. Written consent. Just don’t.

When it comes to prices, Russia is in the middle of the range. It’s affordable, but with a twist. It can get really expensive at times, based on what you want from it. If you can keep your expectations a tad low and not splurge, your production cost will not be higher than, say, shooting in Romania, or any other country from Eastern Europe. Which are notorious for their lower prices overall. Bottom line is, Russia is an offering country in terms of movie-making. Producing here is an experience you’ll never forget!