Without a doubt, Russia is one of the most exciting new filming locations in the world. With many legendary places to choose from, both in terms of man-made structures and nature, Russia is the best choice for the next big movie. And it all starts with hiring your very own production assistant in Russia.

Why do you need a production assistant in Russia?

Why should you hire a production assistant in Russia? Many are the reasons but we’ll just stick with a few here. For starters, Russia is not part of the European Union. This means it abides by its own special laws, including the ones having to do with video productions. What applies in countries like Germany or China is entirely different in Moscow. Another thing is the vastity of this country, and just how far everything is. To move a filming crew from Moscow to St. Petersburg would take half a day by rail.

If you want to get to places like Siberia, and cities like Novosibirsk, it takes roughly a week by train to get there. Filming in Siberia comes with actual health risks for you and your crew if you don’t ensure good preparations for the trip beforehand. But once you pass all of these obstacles, which by the way is the job of your production assistant in Russia, filming in this beautiful country becomes just another day at the job.

Some of the most famous places to film either movies or documentaries in Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg, Siberia, the Elbrus Mountains, Valaam Monastery and the lake, as well as many other places. Once you’ve got a plan in mind, ask your assistant for the best filming spots in the country. They will know where to take you fast and safe, and cheaper than you’d on your own.

The rules of filming in Mother Russia

A very important aspect that your production assistant in Russia will cover for you is legality. As with all countries, you’ll want to film in either public or private locations. Based on the required place, you’ll have to abide by certain laws and buy special permits for your filming days. If the location is private, you just contact the owner of the castle or park, for example, and they will negotiate a price with you directly.

If the location is public, like for example a Moscow square or church, you’ll have to notify the police at first. They will ensure public safety is met if your crew is 10 people or larger. This is very important, especially when shooting movies in the streets that require traffic blocks. Filming in the streets of Moscow requires a special permit, as governmental buildings are all around.

The permit will usually come back positive in about a week after you’ve paid the fee. In St. Petersburg though, you may be able to shoot in the street with no permits, should your crew be smaller than10 people.