When someone says filming in Russia, it is probably the rough accent that comes first to mind. Surprisingly or not, the movie industry has given the world some masterpieces too. Yet production services in Russia have to comply with the rules. The story always looks different from behind the screen.

Production Services in Russia – What To Expect?

Across the decades, the Russian government has kept a close eye on the movie industry. And a firm hand as well, as it only tolerated movies that showed its best features on screen. The same applies to films that concern any other former Soviet countries. Many of the productions shot here were often less commercial and not that popular abroad. But that did not stop filmmakers from creating true masterpieces with a deep message. Even at the risk of poking the bear, some videographers set out to give the world a glimpse of reality. Production services in Russia may often get caught in the middle. But true professionals make it possible to meet the standards and materialize ideas.

Some productions were highly acclaimed at international film festivals. Yet things look different at home, where a slight swear word can cost the release in cinemas. Take, for example, Leviathan (2014), one of the most successful Russian films of the last decade. Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, it was not permitted to reach the big screen in Russia until2015. Officially, the ban was supposedly because of the use of profanity. Sources claim that it was because of the subtle accusation of corruption. The authorities granted permission only after the swear words were all dubbed.

Several international films got banned here. So, filming here may feel like stepping on eggshells. Make sure to get a reliable fixer for full access to top production services in Russia.

The Competition Between Russian Films vs. Hollywood Productions

The Russian film industry is mostly dominated by two opposite currents. There are numerous restrictions imposed on both national and international productions. Take Leviathan (2014), a Russian film acclaimed at Cannes, but initially banned at home. Also, Borat (2006) was not to the liking of the authorities in both Kazakhstan and Russia.

Any Hollywood production that tackles political topics becomes highly sensitive content. Movies like The Interview (2014) or Child 44 (2006) are some of the most well-known that Russia banned. Historical facts or current reality, some things cannot get shown on film.

As for production services in Russia, expect only the best. In recent years, the industry set out to play Hollywood at its own game. Action-packed blockbusters, futuristic space sagas, or down-to-earth dramas, they make them all. Dmitriy Kiselev’s Spacewalker (2017) is the Russian equivalent for Apollo 13 (1995). As for alien invasion, Attraction (2017) illustrates how Moscow would face such menace. Even the X-Men now have Russian counterparts. And Sarik Andreasyan spared no special effects for The Guardians (2017).

Exhilarating, packed with state-of-the-art CGI, film production in Russia is a true matrioska. It remains to see on the big screen what hides under the next layers.